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What happened this afternoon proves EXACTLY what I was saying after we signed #4. Coaching staffs in the NFL today don’t look to the future. All they care about is a championship THIS YEAR. Nobody wants to commit to a dynasty.

Yesterday the Vikings won convincingly against a very good Dallas team. They were up by 24 points with 5 1/2 minutes to go, but they left #4 in the game. What for? That was a PRIME opportunity to give an up and coming quarterback playoff experience. You can’t get experience like that unless you’re IN IT. If they really consider T-Jack, or even Rosenfels, the future of this team, they need to act like it.

Number 4 will likely go out on top if we win it all this year. Then what are we left with? We’ll be right back where we were at the beginning of this season before we signed him. Jackson got some experience last year in our playoff loss, but more experience is never a bad thing. Only once or twice did Jackson get to play in games this year when he had a couple more opportunities. Wining big aren’t the only opportunities. Losing big are, too.

No matter my feelings for #4, I’m still a Vikings fan. I’m elated that we’re doing so well and that we’re one game from going to Miami. But I also want to repeat this year again and again and again. The coaching staff doesn’t seem to be thinking that way.

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That was a tough loss last night against the Bears. But I was impressed at how hard the team fought back to tie the game and almost win it. There was obviously a breakdown in coverage that ultimately did us in, but I’m encouraged with the character of the team. Teams in the Denny Green era wouldn’t have been able to fight back like that. Certainly not with Tice. It’s quite a change from the Cardinals and Panthers game when we were down by multiple scores and the team didn’t look like it had any sense of urgency. The team that showed up last night is one that can do well in the playoffs, perhaps win it all. It’s too bad this loss could prevent us from becoming a #2 seed.

But even if we’re not #2, it may not be such a bad thing. Sometimes a week off can be detrimental. The only problem would be that if we win we would have to go to Philly. It would be a game not unlike last night. On grass and in the cold. Next week will certainly be interesting.

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Overall, I’m impressed with the Wilf family and their approach to Vikings ownership. They appear to be in it for the long haul, not just for a quick profit like their predecessor, Red McCombs. But I’m not happy with the contract extension they just signed with Brad Childress.

The team is 8-1 and while the first loss of the season can be attributed to a few key mistakes rather than bad overall play, I don’t think Childress has proven himself to be a championship coach yet. There are still a lot of games to play and plenty of time to fall apart. I’ve said since #4 was signed that I don’t think he’s the missing link. I think the coaching staff is. And until Childress can prove that he won’t choke in the big games, I don’t think we should commit to him for another 4-5 years.

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At this, the midpoint of the season, I must say, I’m impressed. I didn’t think we’d be 8-0. I would have guessed 6-2 at best.

We all knew that the old-timer would improve the team. There was no doubt about that, but the Purple look a lot better than I thought they would at this point in the season. Number 4 has impressed as well throwing only two interceptions, neither of which were his fault.

Only time will tell if he and the team will be able to keep it up, or falter near the end of the season like in previous years.

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I have something I have to get off my chest. It’s in regards to professional sports in general, but specifically my beloved Minnesota Vikings.

You first have to understand that I bleed purple. That is, I’m a die hard Vikings fan. I have been since I was a little boy watching the Purple People Eaters sitting on the couch next to my dad. I’ve stuck with them through the Herschel trade, Les Steckel, Denny Green, Moss and Culpepper, and Red McCombs. At the end of each season, I would inevitably mumble, “there’s always next year.”

But recent events have really got me in a tizzy. As you know, a certain quarterback is talking about coming out of retirement and the only team he wants to play for is the Vikings. Oh, yay. (That was dripping with sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch it.)

There are those who would love for him to play for the Vikings. I’m not one of them. The only reason to bring him here is to win a SuperBowl. I don’t care how good a player is, that one player will not make such a difference in one year to win it all. And, quite honestly, I don’t think he is worth his hype. Yes, he’s a good quarterback, but he’s no God as the media likes to make him out to be. He’s not the best there ever was.

But let’s set that aside for a second. Let’s say he is the best to ever play the game. He’s 40 years old and just came off of shoulder surgery. His franchise team traded him last year. They’re not stupid. There is a reason they let him go. He’s passed his prime.

But let’s set that aside as well. I also don’t want him on my team because of the future reputation of the team. If he wins us our SuperBowl, Vikings critics, especially our neighbors in Cheese-land, will say that we could only win it with him on the team. And if we don’t go all the way, they’ll say we couldn’t do it even *with* him on the team. It’s a no-win situation.

My gripe with the Vikings and professional sports in general is that they are always chasing championships for one year. Teams don’t look to build a team to win multiple championships. They are only interested in one. And because of that, talent is never really given a chance to develop.

Everybody is criticizing Tarvaris Jackson, but I see great potential in him. He has had flashes of greatness, but the coach won’t give him the playing time to let him learn and grow. Instead, T-Jack gets benched in game three of the season and doesn’t get the playing time he needs to learn. Even the greats weren’t great their first few years. Look at the guy the Vikes are chasing. He stunk the first few years.

It seems that no one wants to build a championship team, they want to trade for it.  Dick Vermeil said it would take three years to make the Kansas City Chiefs into contenders when he got there.  And in three years, they were. Nearly making it to the SuperBowl.  I’d much rather see my team build a dynasty like the Patriots that can win 4 SuperBowls in 5 years than one every 15. Building a championship team takes time.  It’s not going to be done in one year.  Or by signing one guy.

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I had a great Memorial Weekend of fishing. Read all about it at my Fishing Journal.